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Genre : פופ

"What the Skies Give" is Nurit's latest album, the 17th. Produced by Izhar Ashdot and including 11 nes songs, Nurit returns to the intimate sound that characterized her early music: touches of jazz, simple and elaborate beats, string sections and texts from poets. All these create a varied and special album.

Along with songs from writers and composers such as Natan Zach, Yona Volach, Natan Yonatan, Yankale Rotbleet and Ilan Virzbeg, with whom Nurit has collaborated over the years, she now performs for the first times songs by Ronna Keanan, Dudi Levi, Shila Ferber and Shaba Salhov. The list of composers and writers also includes Meir Goldberg, Eytan Glass Nachmias, Itzhak Klepter, Korn Alal, Izhar Ashdot, Alon Olearchick, Micky Gavrielov and Yossi Perez.

Accompanied by 4 musicians, Nurit performs many hits from her wide repertoire as well as songs from the new album.

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