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Genre : Funk

The band "Okapi" exsits since June 2006. The band performed in different places, including "The City Hall", "Hamartef 10", "The Studio", "Goldstar Zappa", "The Barby" and "The Morison Pub", and participated in youth-bands shows all over the country. The band recorded their first single "Funkylulu" in JRS Studios in Haifa, and the song was broadcast on the radio several times. The band's first EP was recorded at Yagur Studios in 2008, and was released on April 2009. 


  • Amit (Budi) Bodenheimer - Saxophone
  • Arnon Ziv - Guitar
  • Gal Shaya - Bass
  • Nadav Natzrati - Trombon
  • Oz Tzalel - Drums
  • Roi Sinoff - Vocals & Keyboards
  • Shmuel (Shmul Hachtul) Levi - Vocal
  • Udi Magid - Trumpet

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