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OY DIVISION present the Renaissance of the Shtetel with good old fashioned Eastern European Jewish music that will make your grandma dance.
The OY DIVISION hysteria started in Tel Aviv when some of Israel's top talents united to satisfy their lust for Eastern European Jewish tunes.
Their shows consist of spontaneous dancing in the audience, enthusiastic hand clapping and cries of joy or OY !!. Word about the phenomena spread and the band soon became hotter than a latke out of a pan.
OY DIVISION don't aspire to create modern Klezmer nor do they try to make it contemporary, they recreate and bring back to life the nearly extinct pre-world war II Jewish music the way it was originally performed.
OY DIVISION play a mix of instrumental songs, Wedding dancing music, folk songs from the Yiddish Theater and more, all with the zeal and exuberance of punks! The authenticity of the music was obtained by careful listening to Klezmer recordings from the early 20th. The band explain their desire to the genre as a form of relating to their roots as well as a protest against modern Israeli culture.


  • Assaf Talmudi - Аккордеон, Батчен
  • Avichay Tuchman - Upright Bass
  • Eyal Talmudi - Кларинет
  • Gershon Lezerson - Вокал, виолончель
  • Noam Enbar - Вокал, акордеон, перкашн

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