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Genre : תקליטנים

Power source Live /DJ set brings 12 years of original classic Goa & Full –on melodic trance To touch the heart and move the soul of every trance lover 
Power source was originally a trio formed in 1994.Nati beat was a new-beat DJ and produced one of the first ever Israeli trance tracks to be put on CD (News of trance). He teamed with Nati Mishali , Israeli electronic music pioneer and keyboard player Shahaf Shvarzman . In 1994 Power source released their first tracks as a team on compilation Trance mix 4 Which gained many charts and airplay . On same year they also released dance tunes with Israeli lable Hed-Arzi on Yoad –Nevo 's project Headroom1 . Ps took big role in these early days of Israeli trance and club scene with live gigs radio shows and DJ sets . 
On 1996 Ps moved to Phonokol and released the singles Goaway on (Tsuyoshi Suzuki 's) label Matsuri , and Granada on transient records.Along with other releases from the same year these tunes were, and still are considered as Goa trance anthems . tracks were Played by all top Dj's and featured on more then 50 compilations worldwide . Thru the 90's Shahaf worked and performed also with trance master Harel-P, and collaborated on tracks featured on Trance nova x-press, X-perimental Goa and California sunshine-Imperia'. On 1999 Nati Beat & Shahaf released Power source album Cosmic wave , along with live sets in Israel & Europe The album featured strong melodic tracks like Skywalker ,memory bubbles and Vorlan . Nati & Shahaf released also club trance hits as Desertmoon (on Sony's lable DosOrDie ) Telescreen and The Nomads which was released with remixes on Paul van Dyk lable Vandit (2006) On 2001 Nati Beat released tracks as Power course , and on later years Shahaf had collaborated with E-jekt , Xerox & illumination and more Israeli artists creating powerfull melodic tracks. Power Source latest release is featured on Psy Hi Volume 2 - Hommega Hits And currently working on new tunes. 

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