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Genre : רוק

Funky, sweet & all at once soulful, Remedy is a sound determined to sonically cure. It is an elixir of charged drumming, textured and interweaving guitars and vocals evoking the divine and the depraved. An aesthetic whose rhythm and heartbeat seek to touch the elated heights and the abysmal depths in order to heal the soul and wink at the cosmos. Fueled by the classic grooves of the likes of the Rolling Stones, the Allman Brothers, the Velvet Underground, Hendrix and Santana, and influenced by modern classics like Pearl Jam, Radiohead and Ben Harper - Remedy, all American born, based in Jerusalem, Israel, give you their energetic and sometimes erratic original songs & bring a new soul to some covers. Remedy would like to be in the studio now(any cash to cover recording costs will be welcomed)

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