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Genre : Jazz

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Graduated from the Tel-Aviv School of Arts, Music major ('02) with honors. Graduated from the Givatayim Conservatory, Piano department ('04 Zila Rodan) with honors. Graduated from the Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts, Jazz major ('05) with honors. Winner of the special "Outstanding Musician" status by the Israeli ministry of education and the IDF. Completed a 3-year mandatory service as a piano & keyboard player for the IDF Orchestra. Winner of the 2004 AICF Jazz Ensembles Contest 1st place with the Ronen Shmueli Septet. Winner of the 2005 Thelma Yellin Award for Jazz. Winner of the AICF Jazz piano scholarship since 2006. 

Performed at the 2004 IAJE convention in NYC with the Thelma Yellin Big Band. Toured the west coast in Januray 2005 with the Ronen Shmueli Septet including the 2005 IAJE convention in Long Beach, CA. Has played as a leader or a sideman at the Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival, the Red Sea Jazz Festival, the Givatayim Jazz Festival, among other clubs and venues. Wrote and arranged music for theater and ceremonies. During the service performed with the IDF Orchestra as a player, arranger & musical director around Israel, Europe and the US, while sharing the stage with the country's top cultural icons such as Dudu Fischer, Shayke Levy, Dani Robas and Eli Luzon among dozens of others. Played piano and keys at the musicals 'Blood Brothers' 'Boys from Syracuse' and 'Oliver!' which took place in Thelma Yellin. Currently freelancing, composing and arranging music while completing studies at Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. 

Has been awarded a full scholarship from Berklee College of Music, planning to attend on September 2009.

From time to time I'm adding some short videos from gigs. Some videos are in a low bitrate and short due to camera abilities :P

Interplay during the Shauli Einav Quartet concert at the 2008 Red Sea Jazz Festival with Or Bareket (bass) and Yonatan Oleiski (drums). The tune is "Fantazm" by Duke Ellington.

personnel for Roei's tune:
original music by Roei Harmon. w Or Bareket - Bass and Yonatan Oleiski - Drums, two crazy young gentlemen who play their asses off. October 2007. 
That's the same personnel for the other trio interplay based on Eden Bareket's tune. May 2007. 

personnel for "The Pike": 
original music by Ronen Shmueli 
Yuval Cohen - Soprano Sax; Eden Bareket - Baritone Sax; Ronen Shmueli - Piano; Or Bareket - Bass; Yonatan Oleiski - Drums. Bareket Brothers Quintet feat. Yuval Cohen. May 2007.

"Moses Party" features the Mika Hary / Ronen Shmueli Quartet plus special guest Niv Toar.

Current and most recent projects include Eli Degibri / Eran Tzur "Adama Ahrei Ha'Geshem" tour, producing for Yotam Mahler's ensemble project, Shauli Einav Red Sea quartet, The Mika Hary / Ronen Shmueli Quartet w MH (vocals), Omer Schonberger (gtr) and Ben Aylon (pandeiro and african drums), from time to time trumpet player Niv Toar joins in. The Zoom Trio w Roei Harmon (tp) and Nir Brener (ds); 
Sideman w the Yonatan Oleiski Quintet, the Dean Tsur Quartet, Bareket Bros Quintet, Erez Barnoy Shablul Jam Session Opening Quartet, member of the Berklee..Rimon Workshops Scott DeOgburn Modern Jazz Ensemble at the 2007 Red Sea Jazz Festival, Rony Stav project, Atalya Lavi Project and more.

Prominent past projects include the Ronen Shmueli Septet (IAJE 2005 Long Beach, CA & The 2005 Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival), Ronen Shmueli Trio, Ronen Shmueli Quintet among many other sideman collaborations (Thelma Yellin Big Band 2004 east coast tour, Bareket Bros Quartet/Quintet, Jonathan Greenstein Quartet, Niv Toar Quartet, Eyal Hay Sextet/Quartet and more) and sitting-in stints.

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