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Roy Brizman is a well known and respected DJ in Israel's night life circuit. Ever since he started to catch the dance music "bug" when he was at the tender age of 13, he knew that this was his destiny. Born and raised in Holon (Israel), Roy started to spin in private parties and small venues all over Tel-Aviv and his big opportunity to break through came when he was only 16. He was chosen to be the resident DJ at "Fifth Avenue", a popular club with a capacity of over 2000 people each night At the age of 18 Roy moved to the big city: Tel-Aviv and started to spin at the first Dance-Bar that opened his gates – "Ministry Of Sound". He managed to catch a lot of attention and was asked to be the resident DJ. With two residencies under his belt, Roy's name started to grow more and more which resulted in a lot of promoters and club owners asking him to play at their clubs. One of the main reasons was because he was playing his own unique sound: from Deep Grooves, Funky and Dirty Beats to Progressive and Techno – with a lot of emotion in his sets. His musical influences were taken from names such as: "Depeche Mode", "An Clark", "Front 242", to name a few. His big break came through when asked to be the resident DJ of the best club in Israel (back in the days) – "Alenby 58". Then the road was paved and on the right momentum he got offers to be a resident DJ in clubs such as: "Octopus", "Zoom", "Pacha", "Deep" and "Dome 2004… Roy's career was sky rocketing and he became a leading DJ in the Israeli night life scene. After "Alenby 58" closed, the owners decided it was time to create a club different to any other previously in Tel-Aviv. It was the peak time of Israel's night life and it was the right time to open club "TLV". Again, it was Roy who got the hottest spot as its resident DJ, playing every Thursday night with some of the best DJ's from all over the world: " John Digweed", "Little Louie Vega", "Dave Seaman", "Anthony Papa", "Steve Lawler", "Satoshie Tommie", "Seb Fontaine", "Desyn Masiello" etc'. Another important landmark in Roy's career was when he played at the "Heineken Sundance Love Parade" in front of crowds of no less then 250,000 from all over Israel (between the years: 2003-2005 2006… Nowadays Roy is still playing all over Israel. He holds a monthly residency at club: "Penthouse" (Eilat), spinning in Jerusalem's club: "Haoman 17"), Beer Sheva's renowned club: "Forum" and besides all of his heavy schedule of gigs, he manages to find the time to producing his own original music. His first collaboration was with Shlomi Aber, which was already signed to "Selfish Recordings" due to be released later on this year. Another current collaboration is with talented Israeli producer "Lyric". There track is going to released soon on startling beats and its called poetry in motion with shlomi aber remix and wize mix. More coolberations is between roys and guy j thay sign a track to deep focused Matthew dekay label . and a few more tracks to come Another track by gamma rox and roy with mashtronic remix on restart recordings The future is definitely looking promising for the talented Roy as he pushes the limits in the electronic dance scene all over the globe 

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