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Жанр : Регги

RUDEBOY SOUNDSYSTEM is one of the leading soundsystems in Israel. a major force of the nightlife of Tel Aviv, Rudeboy sound played alongside mighty sounds as Saxon (UK), Positive airline (switzerland), TOK (USA) and the LEGENDERY STONELOVE SOUNDSYSTEM (and many more). RUDEBOY SOUND opened for big acts as Buju Banton, King Kong, Lone Ranger, Earl 16, capleton, sean poul, and many more! combining forces in the sound are: RAMI "RUDEBOY" AKA RAMI "GRAMMY" - owner of the sound, is a master juggler and one of the most talented DJ's in Israel. he does selection, MC, juggling, turntablisim and production. TABASCO - the hottest MC in Israel! Tabasco is the main MC of the sound now and he also records songs for the sound and for other international soundsystems, doing dj style RUDY RAN - Rudy is a very talented DJ in charge of selection, turntablisim, technical and lately he's been producing original riddims! RAS ARBEL - with no musical talent, arbel helps with the sampler, cover designs, logo and public relations. RUDEBOY SOUND plays anything reggae but we specialize in dancehall music(early 'till recent) and Rami & Ran are master jugglers!!! in jan9, we fly 2 play in germany longside SWS crew, 2007 just started & we run tingz! we also record specials for sounds international and produce original riddims! check out our website for more info! or write us! One Love Rudeboy Sound crew, Tel Aviv, Israel!

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