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Жанр : Израильское

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Habrera Hativeet, formed in 1977, is one of the most original group of musicians. Their music has evolved from authentic Sepharadic African and easten roots. They were the first group to deal with ethnic music and naturally are presenting Israeli fusion. Shlomo Bar, the moving spirit of "Habrera Hativeet" draws much of his musical inspiration from biblical as well as modern Israeli themes. "For me," says Shlomo Bar, "music is something eternal without beginning or end. In my music there are elements of prayers, wonder, yearning and messianism."


  • Ilan Aviv - Бас
  • Ilan Ben-Ami - Гитара и Уд
  • Menashe Sasson - Persian Santur
  • Nir Sarussi - Виолончель
  • Yael Offenbach - Перкуссия

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