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Жанр : Рок

Shtaim ("Two" in hebrew) are Inbal smadar & Liat Bentov, two Israeli Singers-Songwriters, on the way to their first album. 

Shtaim participated in Rita's song "Ani Gara Mul Hamaym" (I'm living by the water). The song's lyrics were written by the late actor and writer Yossi Banai and were composed by Inbal. The song is in Rita's last album, Remazim (Hints), that was musically produced byIvri Lider. The album was already sold in over 40,000 copies!!!

Thease days Shtaim are finishing the recordings of their first album, musicaly produced by the great Nir Averbuch, and preformed by more great musicians like Jean-Poul Zimbris, Shacham Ohana, Eli Magen & Yonatan Frige.


  • Inbal Smadar - Вокал и Гитара
  • Liat Bentov - Вокал и Гитара

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