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Жанр : Джаз

Simona Arones is one of today’s most prominent vocalists. She makes use of her voice as a musical instrument. Various influences mix together in her original and personal approach of singing and writing.


Born in Riga, Latvia Simona moved with her parents to Israel when she was three. Raised in a musical family, her first musical persuits began at age of 4. Simona studied classical piano at the Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts (Tel Aviv).
In 1993 Simona graduated from Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem with a B.A. in Music Performance/Jazz Piano. In 1996-98 she has studied at The Royal Conservatory, The Hague, Holland (Jeanne Lee, Barry Harris).


While living in Europe she has performed and made several recordings with some of the finest musicians there.


Back in Israel, in 2001 she has made a recording with the great drummer Billy Hart.
In December 2003 Simona recorded in New York featuring veteran Jazz and R&B keyboard artist Harry Whitaker Jr.


Simona Arones performes at clubs, festivals and concert halls with the various prgrams. She performed at the annual Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, Jazz Europe Fest (Tel Aviv-Yaffo), Rishon Lezion Spring Festival (2004, 2007), concerts at Givatayim Theater Fest 2005 and music season 2005-2007. In January 2008 she was invited to perform at the special event for the billionaire Roman Abramovich and pop star Pink.

Simona is often can be heard at Shablul jazz club and Amelia Earheart Bar&Cafe. She is also active as a vocal instructor.

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