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Genre : Rock

Nick Miller (guitar), Dovi Sony (bass) and Fima Shuster (keyboards) formed the Stella Maris rock band in 1990 at the seaport town of Haifa in Israel. The group established a distinctive style and identity and in 1992 was signed up by Helicon, a leading local record company.
Their first album, 
Stella Maris Met with great success on the Israeli rock scene and quickly established the groups reputation Stella Maris performed throughout Israel and was the first Israeli band ever to have a clip screened on MTV. Resulting from their clip on MTV, a remarkable relationship was formed between the band and the legendary rock producer Chris Tsangarides who arrived in Israel to produce their second album. 
The Open Gate 
This album came out in 1994 and met with enormous local success being described by critics the best of the rock genre as heard outside of Israel. In 2000 Stella Maris came out with their third album simply called
Stella Maris 3. 
In 2002 Stella Maris produced their fourth album. Cavalier 
Lukach, an outstanding vocalist whose background was in the heavy metal scene, joined the band in 2003. Lukach had previously performed in England for some time as well as with other local rock groups in Israel. The group renewed their contact with Chris Tsangarides in England in the end of 2005 and sent him a demo of original songs they had recorded in English. On hearing the disc, Chris once again took the band under his wing and produced their fifth album in his London studio "the dump" The album which has now been completed contains 10 original songs, six of which were written by Chris himself in collaboration with the band. 

Words by the mega one Chris Tsangarides

I first met the Band In 1993 And was suitably impressed to record their second album in Israel and London The songs were all sung in Hebrew which limited their appeal to the Israeli market Sales figures indicated 17,000 units in Israel serious amount for rock music. At the time of recording I thought that there was potential to translate these songs into English and thus have a very strong chance of success overseas. The problem was that the band's singer at that time had a very strong accent and it did not sound authentic when he sung in English therefore limiting the sales to the home market. I am pleased to say that the bands have a fantastic new singer who does sound authentic when he sings in English. I have written six new songs with them and believe that they are as good as any in this genre of music I love the musicality of this band and they have a great feeling for melody coupled with strong rhythms and grooves. In my book this is a sure sign of great songs. I am committed to making a great record with them .I see this as a great opportunity for making a profound musical statement .

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