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Genre : Rock


Synergia (Hebrew: סינרגיה) is an Israeli rock band. The band was first formed by two childhood friends Ron Hofman (keyboard) and Roee Gefen (guitar). The two used to perform as a cover group in Tel Aviv called `HaTzayadim` (The Hunters). Later on, the two joined forces with guitar player Ariel `Bibs` Branson, drummer Ori Raz (later on to be replaced by Banua Nachaisi and Eitan Raz, respectively) and bass player Iron Shabtay.

The band's first radio hit in Israel was a cover song for another Israeli musician, Shlomo Artzi, though their first album, ``Tzo'akim Al Ahava`` (Screaming About Love) that year received little success. Yet, their second album, ``Margish Acher`` (Feeling Different), gained the band the status of one of the leading rock groups in Israel, practically over-night. From this 2006 album the band produced many instant radio hits, most notably ``Margish Acher`` and ``Ashem`` (Guilty). The album went gold after selling over 20,000 copies.

In 2006 the band won several awards, amongst them `Group of the Year` from Israeli music channel Music 24 and both major popular music radio stations: Reshet Gimel (Kol Yisrael) and Galgalatz. The title song of their second album was also named as `Song of the Year` by Galgalatz.




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  • Benua - Lead Guitar
  • Iron Shabtai - Bass
  • Ron Hoffman - Vocals & Keyboards
  • Roy Geffen - Guitar & Vocals
  • Tomer Maizner - Drums

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