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Genre : Rap

System Ali is a Hip-Hop ensemble in four languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English. The band was founded in 2006 in a bomb-shelter in Ajami neighborhood in the city of Jaffa. Its 11 members – M.Cs and musicians - bring to stage the rich, charged encounters and clashes between languages, musical styles, personal stories and inspirations – drawn from the every day realities in the city of Jaffa. These are the fuel of the band's creation and strength, establishing itself as the leading Hip-Hop crew of Jaffa and South Tel-Aviv.


  • Amneh Jarushe - Rap
  • Dror Golstein - Drums
  • Edi Abu-Shmes - Rap
  • Eli - Turntables
  • Enever Setibragimov - Rap
  • Eran Fink - Bass
  • Gideon - DJ
  • Liba Ne'eman - Violin
  • Mohammad Aghwani - Rap
  • Mohammad Mugrabi - Rap
  • Neta Weiner - Vocal
  • Yonatan Kunda - Guitar

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