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Genre : Rock

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The DavidSons is an international group, which fuses Rock, Neo-Blues, Power-Pop and Neo-Soul in its promising eponymous album: The Spark.

Formed in the summer of 2007 by Ari Katorza, a songwriter, music producer and guitar player, the band also includes New Yorker, Nahum Peterzeil (vocals), Shaul Besser (Keyboards), Boris Rasinsky Levin (Drums) and Ofer Eshed (Bass).  

The Spark sounds as if Robert Johnson, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie got in the studio together, and yet they are completely original.

With lyrics concerning our world's spiritual obsessions, powerful melodies and a genuine updated production, The davidSons created a surreal musical stopping point on the highway where "travellers in music" can run into eccentric and interesting characters, hustlers and lovers.
Apart from playing the entire album in its live shows, The davidSons performs some classic blues and R&B in new interpretations suitable for this new century.  


Ari katorza (Guitars):

A music producer, composer and guitar player. His debut album, ’Stairway Secrets’ (2004), was greeted with overwhelmingly enthusiastic reviews. During the last 3 years Ari has produced several records in the Israeli musical industry.

Ari is also lecturing about songwriting, music production and the history of popular music, as well as teaching ensembles classes, at ’Rimon School Of Music’ in Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

Nahum Pterezeil (Vocals):

One critic described him as 'Frank Sinatra of Rock N' Roll', others considered him in the same league as Eddie Vedder, Chris Martin and other great vocalists of the two last decades. Nahum Pterzeil fuse the great tradition of the Jewish cantors with Rock N' Blues sensitivity in his own genuine way.  

Ofer Eshed (Bass):

One of the top bass players in Israel and a young producer. Critics mentioned that his melodic playing echoes the greatness of his two great heroes: James Jamerson and Paul McCartney...he is also a really nice guy.

Shaul Besser (Keyboards):

A piano wizard, who links Monk and Brad Mehldau into his own private universe. Besser is also producing several acts from various styles.

Boris Rasinski Levin (Drums):

One of the top drummers in the Israeli alternative music scene. Levin has his roots in classical music, Jazz and Rock N' Roll which he melts into his own unique style.

In July 2006, Ari katorza was working as a record producer on various Israeli rock albums, as well as being a lecturer at the 'Rimon School of Music', (the Israeli equivalent to the Berkeley School of Music in Boston).  At the time The I.D.F was in another bloody war in Lebanon, The Sopranos was the best series on television, and I was constantly listening to Leonard Cohen “The Essentials” in his car. He felt it was a time to write a new album.

The songs came out quickly, starting with “Wrapped around In Blue”, “Tony Soprano With a Gun” and “24 Hours From Tokyo”. Songs concerned with guilt and redemption. With the help of his lyricist collaborator, wife Ganit, they were focusing on the world’s current spiritual obsessions through there own stories and feelings. They wanted it to be spiritually up-lifting and the song God Is Every One became the philosophical focus point of the album.

Gathering together the band, the first one on board was lead singer, Nahum Peterzeil. His singing reminded a mixture of Al Jolson and Jeff Buckley in one. Nahum's sound encapsulates the great tradition of Jewish cantors with a Rock ‘n’ Blues feel all "wrapped up" in a 26 year old soul. Others listeners described him as the ‘Frank Sinatra’ of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Peterzeil, a New Yorker who grew up in the orthodox streets of Jerusalem, suited perfectly to the songs. He is one the greatest vocalist around and a promising songwriter by himself.

Boris Rasinski Levin, one of the top Israeli drummers in the alternative music scene, was the next one to join. Levin worked with Katorza on a few projects and also played in his live band during the release of my eponymous album, Stairway Secrets (2004).

Shaull Besser is a piano wizard that just came back from his Jazz studies in New York. Then there's the bass player, Ariel Sherbakovsky, recently returned from a six month stint in Cuba, where he immersed himself in the polyrhythmic grooves of local Cuban percussionists. Ariel is famous in the Israeli music scene as a melodic bass player in the tradition of the great James Jamerson and was therefore destined to co-produce the album with Katorza. They also used the help of Arnon Palty, a great friend and a superior musician – there man for some of the string orchestrations.   

During September 2007 The DavidSons started rehearsals, which turned out to be exciting. They all had confidence in the songs and the chemistry between all the members turned out to be a real pleasure of musicianship. They aimed to achieve what they would call a “sculpture of sounds”, combining various instruments into a new sound.

During the recording which began on January 2008, apart from our regular instruments (guitars, bass, keyboards and drums) they were using the glockenspiel, a miniature piano, loads of percussions, different sort of Moogs and other analog synths, awkward sound effects, and they tried to avoid Midi as much as possible.  

The inspirations of each one of them gelled together: Miles Davis's “Kind Of Blue”, Mick Ronsons's strings arrangements on Bowie's “Hunky Dory”, Brian Wilson and Norman Whitfield's colorful productions, Jimi Miller's genuine percussive ideas,  The Beatles, The Stones and... Leonard Cohen.

They all have participated on other fantastic albums but with this project they really feel that they’ve created something very special which has that sense of excitement and magic… So it’s with great pleasure that The DavidSons present to you… “The Spark”.


  • Ari Katorza - Guitar
  • Boris Rasinski Levin - Drums
  • Nahum Pterezeil - Vocal
  • Ofer Eshed - Bass
  • Shaul Besser - Keyboards

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  • Loved it!
    By: shiriroda, posted at: 19 Nov, 14:40:41
    Hey ari!

    kol hakavod, it sounds awsome!

    good luck Smile

    shiri roda
  • Thanks
    By: Ari Katorza, posted at: 19 Nov, 17:15:55
    Thanks Shiri! See you soon!!
    By: Omri, posted at: 23 Nov, 15:53:14
    You sound great and Michelle never looked better.
  • Atevel
    By: atevel, posted at: 02 Apr, 13:13:40
    נשמע ונראה מדהים, אין גבול לכשרון.

    ב ה צ ל ח ה
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