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Véronique Sanson is not only gifted with an exceptional singing voice, she has also proved herself to be an extremely talented songwriter and composer. After a successful career spanning more than 25 years, Ms. Sanson has become one of the most popular female singers on the French music scene.

Véronique was born on April 24th 1949, two years after her sister Violaine. The girls’ parents, René and Colette, were passionate music lovers and almost as soon as their daughters could walk, they enrolled them in piano classes. Véronique displayed obvious talent from an early age, particularly wen it came to perfoming classical music. The singer still adores playing Mozart and Bach today, along with her other favourite composers such as gershwin, to keep her fingers in training.

Véronique began writing her own songs at the tender age of 13, accompanying herself on the guitar. Her interest in music soon became a veritable passion, and the young girl would devote far more time and energy to her songwriting than to her schoolwork. After a brief period in an English boarding school, Véronique discovered the Beatles, whose melodies inspired her to write more sophisticated compositions.

Véronique was struck down by a bout of meningitis in 1965, a period which remains a complete blackout in her childhood memories. While convalescing at home, she continued to write a new collection of songs. The young prodigy also composed a concerto for two flutes, two clarinets and orchestra.

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  • Veronique Sanson
    By: Daphna Ventura, posted at: 09 Jul, 18:40:59
    Si j'avais su que Veronique Sanson etait la, je n'aurais pas rate son concert.

    Est-ce qu'elle va revenir? quand?

    J'aimerai tellement etre informee des concerts que donnent les artiste francais.

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