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Vitaly Podolsky, an accordion player, composer and arranger, was born in 1970, Kiev, Ukraine. At age of five, he got a little accordion from his father and since than the music became a main issue in his life. As a classically trained musician, Vitaly graduated "Glier" collage in Kiev, Ukraine and "Rimon school" for Jazz and contemporary music in Israel.
 He was the arranger and musical manager of the "Hora Hod Hasharon" Israeli traditional dancing group and with them, toured USA and Canada.
Vitaly has taken part in many musical productions all over Israel. He played at various bands. One of the bands that he played with, "Hasmahot", won a huge popularity in 1999 and the title of "Surprise of the Year in Israel". With band "Balakan" he is works on Balkan Gipsy fusion music and with singer Talya Solan a Gipsy songs project, "Celtan" on Irish and Celtic tunes. Other bands that he played with were "Ktifa shchora", "Hatizmoret Haamamit", "Shvil hechalav".
 Vitaly took part in the major theater productions of the main Israeli theaters and in projects of most popular Israeli singers like Miki Gabrielov, Gidi Gov, Rita... He also played in most popular folk music show in Israel "Taverna" of IBA TV Chanel, and numerous TV productions with leading TV personalities. Recently he took part in one of the biggest spectacle production ever seen in Israel, the show "One" of the Israeli Diva, Rita.
 Since 2003 he works on his author project with his band "Goodrive" and, in the near future, their second CD will be released. Their first CD - "Agite Drive", with neo-klezmer music, was released in 2005 and won attention in International Klezmer Festival in Safed.
 His expertise in diverse styles, his seriousness and devotion to his work of art has granted him as a leading musician in Israel.

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