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Genre : Folk

Born in Givat Hayim Ichud - Emeq Hefer, Israel

Been playing guitar, singing, and writing for a long while... in the last few years, I've been playing Bansuri - Indian bamboo flute, and i am slowly discovering the endless deft of Classical Indian music. In the middle of this never ending confusing search , I had to sit back, relax, and play my songs with people i trust and relate too.

THE BAREFOOT BAND - great musicians and good friends form a new acoustic group. The band performs in Tel-Aviv and all around Israel, trying to spread the music to new ears.

LIVE RECORDINGS with former band member Aviad Ben-Yehuda on Percussion are now available for a listen here!! So enjoy! I promise recordings with the new band members as soon as possible!

Membres :

  • Amitay Vilk - Chant et bass
  • Amos Zimmerman - Chant et guitare
  • Gal Frekel - Violon
  • Nave Koren - Percussion
  • Yaniv Horovit - Chant

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