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Жанр : Хассидская

First solo album for the lead singer of Bein Hashmashot band

Recently released album became one of the most spoken of  albums of Jewish music

these days.

After a decade of activity within the band Bein Hashmashot which was one of the spiritual

rock pioneers, and proved 10 years ago you could combine quality rock music and personal lyrics inspired by the sources Yoni  Genut ( Bein Hashmashot frontman)sets out on a new path.

Almost two years he has been working on his solo album “Ot e Ot” with music producer Assi Ayalon (Alma Zohar, Mosh Ben Ari, etc.), many participants album such as:

Ehud Banai, Erez Lev Ari, Shai Gabso, Arik Sinai and Daniel Solomon,

Everyone found the connection point somewhere else between the songs ranging from texts written by Yoni himself (at the end of the day, or toward you) and texts from the scriptures (such as Vayeda kol paul, from the Rosh Hashanah prayer or Bron Beyahad ‘of piyut ‘Simu lev al haneshama that he performs with Ehud Banai).

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