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Genre : Rock

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YOOD, the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet, is the new name for great, big sound. Three guys originally from North America, for the last decade playing backup to the giants on the Israeli scene, take virtuosity to new levels on their debut album, Passin’over, which has the kind of soulful, soaring guitar riffs you feel before you hear. Drawing inspiration from Hendrix, Cream and Dylan, this professionally trained vintage rock trio performs original music and lyrics along with classic covers.

YOOD’s intense instrumentation harnesses the power of the thinking, feeling, and agile electric guitar - - on a burning journey to elevate Rock’s heyday with a spirit inspired with Kabbalah and Chassidic influences.
Lazer Lloyd Blumen: Guitars, vocals, harmonica.

Yaacov “ Dr Jake” Lefcoe: Bass, vocals.

Moshe “Russian Percussion” Yanovsky: Drums, vocals, sound effects.

Management and Bookings: Jonty 052-5665600


  • Lazer Blumen - Guitar & Vocals
  • Moshe Yankovsky - Drums
  • Yaacov Kefcoe - Bass

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