Al Foster quartet 29 Nov 2008 21:00 Levontin 7, Tel Aviv

Levontin 7
Levontin 7 Levontin 7, Tel Aviv
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Al Foster, one of the most exciting drummers in the world of Jazz a virtuosic crew consisting of Eli De gibri, Aron Goldberg and Doug Wise
At 63, but seemingly at the peak of his youth, Foster has over a decade with Miles Davis under his belt and a resume of recordings and performances so vast that you shall probably discover his trademark if you own a couple of Jazz greats in your repertoire.

Credits aside, Foster brings to the stage such flare and sensitivity that even the impartial to Jazz immediately fixate on him before attempting to wrap their heads around the effortless wizardry of his motley three. Yes, it’s his gig but his leadership is subtle and spontaneous. What you hear from this quartet is a musical relationship founded on the mutual joy of hearing one another play.
Last night’s performance was, as expected, fabulous. Although many of us came to see Al Foster cook, the spotlight shuffled from one musician to another as each took his turn improvising over the forms of classics such as “So What” (Miles Davis), “Cantaloupe Man” (Herbie Hancock) and “Blue and Green” (Bill Evans). In terms of a Jazz exhibition, it is fair to say that what we witnessed was nothing short of genius.
à propos Al Foster
Aloysius Foster (dit Al) est un batteur, pianiste, saxophoniste ténor et bassiste américain né à Richmond (Virginie) le 18 janvier 1944). Ce "Master Drummer" a été un inventeur majeur dans le monde du jazz pendant plusieurs décennies.  Membre de la bande de Miles Davis de 1972 à 1985, la contribution...
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